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Back in 2010, CAM was hosting a mission trip when the idea of building an orphanage came to a couple of the participants. They felt so moved by the Lord that they gave funds that seeded what we have now. Until recently, CAM has rented two places where we host orphans and run our ministry, reaching out with the Gospel and ministering to the physical needs of others (widows, single mothers, and orphans).

CAM is now in the process of constructing a new home — in fact the first floor building is done! The upper floor still requires electrical, plumbing and doors, as well as painting. This new building will be a beacon of Gospel: first by being an orphanage, as well as a place that will help the older children transition into the community. Second, it will be the heart of CAM in Uganda, housing our office and administration which directs and encourages other ministries, such as the community outreach and weekly Feeding Program.



January 2014 saw the digging for the security fence which was completed in 2015.

The construction of the new building started in February of 2017. The roof went up in September. Now the need is for prayer that the Lord will raise up some new donations for the finishing of building. The need is to raise approximately thirty thousand dollars (Canadian) to finish the building.

The construction has been done by hand as you can see from the pictures. We hire local workers so that we might support the local economy.

The work continues on the second floor of the building. Although the children have moved in, the ongoing work will only continue while the children are attending school.

The children were so excited to have their new home! They had visited the site several times and have prayed over it, thanking God, giving God the glory for his provision!

The children are now in their new home! Thank you Lord!

Thank you all for giving generously for this new home for children!
Although we estimate the cost of the building is covered, it will take some further funds to furnish the building. These costs will be determined after the building is finished.

If you wish to help furnish the orphanage, you may do so thorough Pay Pal on our donation page, or by contacting the Vice President at 613 222 7211, or by sending a cheque to: PO Box 327 Station Main, Russell, Ontario, K4R 1E1. (Please designate where you would like the funds to go, or just state Building Fund so we may use it where needed.)

True spirituality​ ​that is pure in the eyes of our Father God is to make a difference in the lives of the orphans,and widows in their troubles, and to refuse to be corrupted by the world’s values. (​James 1:27 The Passion Translation).

There is much to do and many items. With the prayers and financial support of our compassionate friends we will complete this Transition Home, one step at a time! All are welcome to donate the cost of a door, window, toilet or any item(s). Thank you so very much!


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