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The CAM orphanage–Desmarais Children’s Home–is located in the suburbs of Kampala in a village called Nyanama. Many of the children who now live in this home have endured more pain and hardship than any child should ever have to experience. Some of the children were found living on the streets, others lived with abusive relatives or well-aged grandparents who could neither manage nor afford their upkeep.

In Jesus’ name, we endeavour to provide each child with the care and nurturing they need to thrive. The children are provided with a safe environment, meals, and physical and spiritual care.

With $30. you could feed the entire orphanage for a day! Or  Sponsor the orphanage with a monthly donation of $30. or more and become a Helping Hands Partner and contribute to the monthly needs of the children. Helping Hands Partners contribute to the ministry of administering meals and utilities and the basic necessities of life in a safer place to live. Thank you for considering supporting the ministries of A Cup for Africa Mission by lending a Helping Hand!

New Building in Progress: Almost done, they are working on the second Floor. Please go to the drop down page of  Programs and Projects and click on the first drop down which is BUILDING IN PROGRESS. 


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