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There are many ways you can be a voice for the less fortunate through A Cup for Africa Mission. Whether you give of your prayers which we need! Or you can give of your time or even if you wish to financially by sponsoring one of our programs, event or a child. We do need your prayer support! Any other assistance is greatly appreciated by CAM and will ultimately benefit disadvantaged children and widows of Uganda. Praying for a child or a program the Lord puts on your heart will be a great help! Also below are a few more ways you can get involved and become a voice for the less fortunate.


Sponsor a Child: Educational Sponsorship: With a monthly contribution of $40 you help CAM provide education to one of Uganda’s most disadvantaged children (orphaned, abandoned, poor and defenceless). This also covers school fees, uniform, school supplies and a nutritious lunch for the child you sponsor. Note: Educational Sponsorship donations are exclusively for the education of the child and does contribute towards any other  ministry or program.

Orphan Sponsorship /Helping Hands: With a monthly contribution of $10 or more you could contribute to well-being of children providing them with the basic necessities of life, all in the safe environment of a home. The approximate cost per child is $110 per month, which when the cost is shared by many, it makes the burden light!

As an Individual: There are many ways that you can sponsor a child through CAM. You can either send a monthly contribution of $40. You may also choose to send a series of post dated cheques, or a one-time annual payment of $480.

Churches, Work place or Community Sponsorship: You can also sponsor a child as a part of a group or organization. Community sponsorship is a great way to encourage a sense of togetherness, while supporting a child of CAM. This will also allow individuals, who may not have been able to make a full donation by themselves, join us in making a difference in a child’s life.

Promoting and Social Networking: Another way to participate in helping the children of CAM is by informing others that they too can be sponsors. By sharing our message, directing others to our webpage, or by providing them with information about our organization, you can potentially increase the amount of children that receive sponsors. You can do this by promoting  CAM in your community or within your social circles: either way, you are improving the chances that a child will find a sponsor.

Host an Event or Participate in a Community Fundraising Event: Hosting an event or contributing to a fundraising event in some way is optimal for raising funds and awareness of our cause. By bringing your community together, you will increase the chance that more children will receive a sponsorship. If you don’t have the time for organizing a fundraising event but you’d still like to help, you could also sponsor an event.

Help Single Mothers Learn a Life Skill: With your donation of $150, CAM will be able to purchase a sewing machine which will be used to train two single mothers for six months. This will equip them with a skills that will enable them to be employed or start a small business.

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