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Sewing Machine Project 

As in most developing countries, women often experience greater poverty than men. This is due to high unemployment among women, a culture of undervaluing women, and gender segregation.

Our goal is to come along side offer vocational training of a sewing machine training course(s) and empower women with skills which could enable them to come out of poverty. We have already held two sewing training courses. This program helps to enables single mothers and widows to learn the skills necessary to help them integrate into the textile industry.


To date, we have had two successful training programs. The first course saw  45 women graduate and who took up contracts to make dresses, uniforms for schools and other textile projects in Kampala. Some have even begun their own business. The second course has had over 100 women take the program. Those graduates, most of which are employed again with women who have started to work on their own businesses,  while others have grouped together to form a business.

Together we can empower women in this area to rise up out of poverty.

These empowered women gained the skills and confidence they need to earn a living to support themselves and their families and they are encouraged to know they are a very import part of their community!

Please pray and if you are able financially support another Sewing Machine Project: Our heart is to see another Sewing project start this year 2018. A gracious donor donated $100. which started on towards the goal of raising $7000 (Estimated cost) of our training program.
We ask for your prayers and support thank you for considering these women in need!

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