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Why sponsor a child to go to school

Education is one of the fundamental rights for all children; yet, millions of children around the world are deprived of this right. Without an education, children have little opportunity or chance to be able to provide for themselves or their families in the future.

We believe that it is our moral responsibility to help bring hope to these little angels through education – one child at a time.

Our Vision

Our vision is that every child’s right to survival, protection, development, and participation is attained, we are committed to providing the basic necessities to those under our care; orphans, vulnerable children and their families, widows and refugees.

Our mission is to mobilize like-minded people to join our cause by committing to a monthly contribution of $40 to provide education and also  you may take part in Helping Hands which any mount given goes towards the wellbeing of all our children living in the orphanage.

Becoming an Educational Sponsor

You do help a family and provide means which helps direct them towards self sufficiency!

All funds for education go totally for the child’s education($40 per month/per child). CAM coordinates and pays for children’s educations. This amount covers school fees, uniforms, school supplies, and two nutritious meals at school.

Sponsorship funds are sent to Uganda every month and one of our CAM staff members ensures that the school fees for each child are paid. However, CAM’s commitment to educating children goes beyond paying fees. CAM follows up by visiting the school, talking to the teachers, attending school meetings, and receiving all performance reports. Our staff members in Uganda also follow these children to their residential areas to find out if their living environment allows for a good education.


Becoming  Helping Hands partner by sponsoring the Orphanage / Transition Home

Our hope is that every child has a right to loving care, protection, to help them to grow. By sponsoring the Home you are providing the basic necessities to those under our care; orphans, vulnerable child refugees. When you sponsor the Home you are lending a Helping Hand to these children and staff. Who are then enabled to share the Gospel in the community as they encourage others to obtain a better quality of  life as they partake in our outreach programs.

We are hoping for 100 Helping Hands Partners at $30. or more to give hope and a future to orphans. We are half way there, we are 55% of our goal of 100 Helping Hands Partners.

You may choose to donate through Pay Pal on our DONATE Page or through Pre-Authorized Debit or by sending a check(s) to: A Cup for Africa Mission, PO Box 327 Station Main, Russell, Ontario K4R 1E1

Or inquire through email: info@cupforafrica.org

Thank you and God Bless you!

CAM’s responsibility to you

CAM acts as the link between you and your sponsored child.  We will provide you with updates on the educational progress of your sponsored child. We also do our best to promote the relationship between you and your sponsored child by delivering your letters. Should you wish to meet your sponsored child, we can also help arrange your visit to Uganda.


Should I connect with my sponsored child on social media?

Today, with worldwide connectivity at people’s fingertips it is easy for people all over the world to connect with each other, particularly using popular forms of social media such at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Though these interactions can facilitate real-time information sharing, they also come with risks.

One of the most common questions asked among international child sponsorship and holistic child development groups is; “Can I become friends with my sponsored child on Facebook?” is one of the most common questions we receive, but the answer isn’t quite as simple as you’d think. Why shouldn’t I add my sponsored child on Facebook? (Michael Cauchi, Should I Add My Sponsored Child on Social Media? 29 Sep, 2016)

The biggest risk, and one that solidifies our stance of avoiding contact over the internet, is that your contact with your sponsor child could make them more vulnerable to exploitation. This is an uncomfortable topic but one that needs to be addressed. Your sponsor child could be at greater risk of exploitation for money. People in your sponsor child’s community could learn of your connection and they could pressure your sponsor child to ask you for money. They could even threaten your sponsor child if they do not get money from you. Beyond exploitation for money, the larger your sponsor child’s network grows on the internet the more your sponsor child could be at risk of sexual exploitation.

There is also the risk that the personal requesting to contact you is not actually your sponsor child. It could be someone else who is using your child’s name to get access to your personal information or ask for favours. Your personal information could be compromised and shared.

Also, as there are significant differences in wealth between where we live and where your child lives. Your child may not understand your possessions and lifestyle and it could stand in stark contrast to their situation.

The question remains; “Should I Add My Sponsored Child on Social Media?”

When it comes to connecting with sponsored children the risks outweigh the benefits. At A Cup for Africa Mission we want you to understand the risks and we advise you to avoid contact with your sponsored child over the internet. You should also avoid any contact with your sponsored child’s family to protect them as well. Our mission workers tell the sponsored children to not seek out sponsors on social media.

If you have already accepted a social media connection request from your sponsor child or a relative of your sponsor child we suggest that you kindly remind them that this contact is against the policy of A Cup for Africa Mission and that you cease contact using social media.

We want you to connect with your sponsored child. Connecting with your sponsored child is a wonderful way to get to know them and to show that you care about them. We encourage you to write letters and to maintain regular contact with your child but please do it through A Cup for Africa Mission so we can keep our children safe.

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