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Outreach Feeding program


The local church and its volunteers are what make this outreach a success, transforming a people and place of need into a community.

Every Saturday, CAM organizes volunteers from the churches and surrounding community come together at the orphanage as volunteers to prepare and provide a hot meal for anyone who is hungry. Each Saturday, we feed approximately 250 people, mainly children. When possible we have praise and worship and share the message of hope from the gospel. The word of God is shared by one of the local pastors or evangelists who partner with us.

Hungry anxious children line up for a plate of rice and beans.                                Preparing to serve the food.

Over 250-300 people a week are being provided a healthy meal through generous donors who have donated $125. for each week, to the Feeding Program.

You can get involved by sponsoring one outreach, or we can combine your gift of any amount with other donations in order to carry on this feeding program. When giving for the Feeding Program please specify that is where you would like to give.

This simple outreach provides food to those hungry people who otherwise would not get anything to eat.

Please remember this weekly outreach in your prayers, as your prayers will help us  as we reach out with the love of Jesus!


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