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Areas of Greatest Need

Supporting the areas of greatest need within the orphanage and the community.  Providing a safe home and nurturing care to vulnerable children in Uganda.


 Sponsor a Student

Give children the opportunity to go to school — something many families just can’t afford.


Fabric Fund

With a donation of $25 CAD, you can support the women in Uganda who are in desperate need of clothing.  Many of these women only own one set of clothes.  Your gift will go toward the purchase of fabric to make more dresses.

feed the hungry.jpeg

Feed the Hungry

Your one-time or monthly donations fuel our community outreach to feed empty stomachs and encourage the hearts in this community with the hope of the Gospel message. Any excess funds will go to our Where Most Needed fund.


Footwear Fund

Black shoes are an integral part of the school uniform in Uganda. Our goal is to buy a pair for all our children during our mission trip this November 2018. These will be purchased in Uganda, thus supporting the local economy. Any extra funds will go toward more new shoes in the future.


Train a Tailor

As in most developing countries, women often experience greater poverty than men. This is due to high unemployment among women, a culture of undervaluing women, and gender segregation.

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